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Kay K Designs is a specialty handlettered goods shop that is all about the coffee! I'm Kay, the founder of Kay K Designs, and I'm a proud coffeeholic and lettering lover! Originally from the Cleveland area, I moved to Columbus to attend Ohio State. After graduation, I decided that Columbus was my home and I've been here ever since. 

Part of the reason that I love Columbus is because of the unique coffee culture that is developing here. With the Columbus Coffee Trail and hashtags like #CbusCoffee growing increasingly more popular, I knew that this was the perfect city to launch my business in. 

My passion for art has always been prevalent and in the more recent years, I've channeled my artistic energy into handlettering. Living in the Short North, I have easy access to some of the state's best coffee shops. Every morning, I would wake up early before class or work, just to spend a half hour drinking a vanilla latte and working on my lettering. 

As my abilities grew and my love for coffee got stronger, I decided that I would challenge myself to begin a Tumblr page dedicated to my handlettering. I shared my lattes and lettering for over 10 months and after many friends and followers contacted me about custom lettering work, I decided that I should produce my own brand of products. Hence, Kay K Designs! Thanks for reading along, feel free to send an email or reach out on social media. I'd love to get to know you!